Takes effect in minutes 5 5 4 3 2 1

The real alternative to energy drinks


Increase your endurance

In sports, in competitions, for fitness. NO Doping: officially approved.

Fight tiredness and fatigue

More attentive and alert when driving the car.

Enhance your concentration and performance

More concentration, better performance when working and studying.
Takes effect in minutes 5 5 4 3 2 1

Ultrafast effect already after 5 minutes

One portion HYPERGY – better and faster effect

How can HYPERGY work so ultrafast?

The pastilles produced with soft-gum technology enable a balanced and homogenous distribution of active agents. The active agents

  • 50 mg caffeine (Reduces fatigue and weariness)
  • 30mg taurine (as intensifier of the psychoactive ingredient caffeine)
  • 0.9mg vitamin B5 (also: Pantothenic acid – supports mental performance)

are blended in an optimal combination.

Due to the molecular structure of the HYPERGY pastilles, the contact to the mucous membrane is immediate; this ensures that the micronutrients quickly enter the bloodstream. Glycerin is the catalyst for this effect. This interplay of components leads to an almost instant effectivity of a lower dosage due to its high bioavailability.

Benefits at a glance

HYPERGY is a highly effective and healthy nutritional supplement -Energy product in pharmaceutical quality. Any negative side effects of conventional sugary energy drinks are avoided with HYPERGY pastilles.
  • Free from Sugar

    Sugar is not forbidden for diabetics, however, it should not cover more than ten percent of the daily energy demand. The World Health Organisation even advises five percent only. HYPERGY is free from sugar and that makes it suitable for diabetics.

  • No Side Effects

    A high proportion of the caffeine-sugar combination, as in conventional energy drinks (9 sugar cubes per 250ml) can lead to trembling and a racing heart in connection with physical exercise1)

    1) German language page: Zentrum der Gesundheit https://www.zentrum-der-gesundheit.de/energy-drink-herz-141008.html

  • Less expensive

    Buy four cans of energy drinks at the retailer today and pay approx. 13% more for them.

  • Quick Effect

    takes effect after 5 minutes already, instead of taking 15 to 30 minutes, like conventional energy drinks

  • Energy to go

    In order to reach the same dosage of caffeine, you would have to transport 1 liter of energy drink

  • Stronger Effect

    25% more caffeine, taurine and vitamin B5 per portion

HYPERGY is available in two flavors



Die HYPERGY Tutti Frutti flavor is a composition of aromas of a variety of fruits which optimally surround the caffeine, taurine and vitamin touch.


The bitter-sweet-sour cranberry flavor is a very fitting complement to the active ingredients caffeine, taurine and vitamin B5.

The real alternative to energy drinks


  • quick effect (5 minutes)
  • free from sugar, especially suitable for diabetics
  • stronger effect (100mg caffeine per portion)
  • easily digestible
  • no side effects
  • easy to transport (pockets)
  • lower costs for strong effects (1.33 € for 100mg caffeine)

CONTRA Energy Drink

  • slow effect (up to 30 minutes)
  • a lot of sugar (up to 28g per 250ml), 9 sugar cubes! 2)
  • less effect (80mg caffeine per 250ml/usual in trade
  • carbonated, not suitable for persons with sensitive stomachs
  • may lead to numerous side effects
  • not as easy to take along
  • higher costs for less effect (1.50€ per 100mg caffeine)

2) applicable for market leader products containing sugar

Why energy drinks should be avoided

More sugar (9 sugar cubes per 250ml) counteracts the desired effect of performance boost and may lead to

  • Lack of motivation and energy
  • Concentration lapses
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Gastrointestinal problems

and much more.1;3)

Plus, the performance enhancement effect only begins after up to 30 minutes. May lead to trembling and a racing heart in connection with extreme physical exercise.

A high price to pay for a long-term stimulant


3) German language page http://www.foodwatch.org/uploads/media/Marktstudie_final_WEB_01.pdf

HYPERGY: Try it for yourself


Attentive is defined as: paying careful attention to something, being mindful and observant.
(Merriam Webster)


Alert is defined as: the ability to think clearly and to notice things. To be watchful and prompt to meet danger or emergency, quick to perceive and act.
(Merriam Webster)


Endurance is defined as: The ability to do something difficult for a long time, the quality of continuing for a long time. (Merriam Webster)ung.


HYPERGY pastilles are free from sugar and do not influence the glycaemic index (this index is a value to determine the effect of food with carbohydrates on the blood sugar level.)


The sweeteners used in HYPERGY (sucralose, saccharin, sodium) make them particularly suitable for diabetics and, of course, for people who aim at avoiding sugar in their diets.


Preservatives in foods and nutritional complements are not desirable. This is why HYPERGY avoids preservatives by employing a special manufacturing method, called Soft-Gum Technology, enabling stability and a special combination, free from preservatives.

Awake and Focused

Improving your performances and capabilities is something very much engraved in us humans. We always strive to tap our full potential and push the limits.

Where to buy Hypergy?

Hypergy is sold in Germany and Austria exclusively in pharmacies. Please order them with the central pharmaceutical number in your pharmacy.
Central pharmaceutical number
Germany Austria
Tutti Frutti 12362027 4515847
Cranberry 12362033 4515853